When You Come Back (ITV World Cup theme version) – Vusi Mahlasela

December 31, 2010 25 Comments

Version of “When You Come Back” used by ITV for their world cup theme song 2010.

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25 Comments to “When You Come Back (ITV World Cup theme version) – Vusi Mahlasela”
  1. YeereeYarrowTelli says:

    For Me,This song was the highlight of FIFA 2010,God Bless You Vusi,Nelson,Steve Biko (RIP) and all THEEE apartheid smashers!!!

  2. Infernalmoron says:

    Sing Sing Africa! Sing sing Africa!

  3. SnorkyO says:

    @jsco91 No, support independent artists.

  4. SnorkyO says:

    I still listen to this!

  5. jsco91 says:

    @micc1978 download tht shit for free loool

  6. calum769 says:


  7. englandvsa says:

    For some reason whenever I get a African supply teacher or Play FIFA or the world cup game I now think of this. I MISS THE WORLD CUP!!!


  8. dan2009 says:

    Africa didn’t deserve a world cup as bad as that.

  9. TheNightmareAssasin says:

    i dont no y this world cp has been critisized so much for me it was one of the best

  10. mcjuvey1 says:

    such a quality tune!!!!!!

  11. Ebisking321 says:

    @ShrewdGentleman Another great reason why the world cup just wont feel the same in anther country, and im not even African!

  12. yasthim says:

    thank you!

  13. chukwuemeka23456 says:

    @veritykrall HATERS bro!!!! HATERS!!!! :)

  14. kenfig says:

    STILL cant find out the incidental music on ITV late night highlights shows used for newsround and forthcoming matches with Matt Smith ; NOT ‘Go Do’ Jonsi or Goldhawks track ; it’s something else thats instrumental with piano ; sounds more like a band like Keane or Coldplay anyone know ??

  15. bombshell333 says:

    This song reminds me of england’s failure.

  16. MrSPORTnSTUFF says:

    1 dislike probs holland fan cuz they have no heart (i mean their brutal play)

    inspirational tune

  17. andrew080795 says:

    For some reason, this reminds me of the soldiers in Iraq/Afghanistan, when it goes “We’ll ring the bells when you come back”. It made me tear up. Truly a fantastic song.

  18. 03dabi says:

    i miss world cup

  19. veritykrall says:

    Who the hell disliked this?! They can jog on!

  20. Sineero says:

    Hard tune this world cup was amazing and showed the world how much pride and beauty stil exists in the motherland god bless mr Mandela

  21. DougiemcRFC says:

    WAIIIIIIIII BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, hahaha i have that as my message tone lol

  22. cozyboy9676 says:

    this song reminds me so much of Ghana getting knock out
    Its all good though

  23. RhysNlrAfc says:

    best bit of the world cup lol

  24. snakecharmar says:

    This song makes me feel hype :P lol

  25. TheGamingLobby says:

    @ShrewdGentleman we all do secretly mate, dw ;)

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